Old Bones

2011 07 25


July 25

Dashwood is comatose from being hit by a crow.

Frizzle makes a portal to the Wisdom Realm and smoke comes back through to where we are. Bulwark goes through first to see if it’s safe since he doesn’t have to breathe. Bulwark sees that it’s kinda smoky but bearable and hears distant screaming. He says it’s safe enough to go though and we all follow.

Things are on fire and people are running around screaming. Bulwark decides not to attack the random people to add to his 10,000 innocents hit count for the Raven Queen’s quest, because none of them look innocent.

Bulwark intimidates a passerby to ask questions. He threatens “Don’t think just because you’re a rapist means I won’t kill you.” We learn that everyone was attacked by flying people and a dragon, mostly focused around the palace, but no one knows why.

We head to the palace and see an army of people with wings in black armour lighting shit on fire. Frizzle recognizes them as Hetheldir’s angel army, the very army we’re trying to stop. They’re ignoring us. We run past them into the castle. We try to find Elithmir (the bodyless head who is the god of this realm).

There is an angel soldier sitting on Elithmir’s throne, with Elithmir’s head on the armrest, stroking his hair. Elithmir’s head is alive but badly injured, still regenerating one eye. The angel guy gives off a trail of black smoke. Frizzle thinks he’s a dragon in angel form.

We decide to be straightforward and demand the head back. He says “Come and take it.” Xenro is his name. He attacks with bursts and dazes and stuns us. He also makes fire rain down on us. He also turns his hand into a sharp-toothed mouth and bites with it. Frizzle gives us all resistances. When we hit him hard enough to make him bleed, he turns into a giant dragon, and everyone cheers. Jovalene reduces everyone’s damage. Frizzle makes a storm. Frizzle almost dies but Jovalene keeps her alive so she can heal. But later she falls unconscious. Xenro attempts to coup and crit fails. He was distracted by Jovalene’s flailing. But then Frizzle dies. Jovalene dazes Xenro and Bulwark deals the final blow. Xenro dies laughing. Xenro had a filactory but it’s not here. Jovalene notices that something fucked is happening outside the tent.

We search Xenro’s corpse. We get magic items and stuff.

4000 exp

We loot Frizzle’s body. She has two astral diamonds and 10,000 gold.

We talk to Elithmir. He says he needs books so we give him all the books we have. He starts to feel better. He says he’ll offer whatever help he can in the coming battles, including an army of wizards and sorcerers. He says he has allies in the Alderman’s council. So that’s where we should take him. He says he has dealt with the attackers so everything is ok outside now. Also apparently Hagaar is against us now. He says we can rest there.

Extended rest.



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