Old Bones

2011 08 22

Blackfire Necromancer and Bone Storm

aug 22

We are in Hell with a book in our hands. Fires are burning, souls are being charred and poked with sticks. The area around us is mysteriously clear of demons, mostly due to magic missiles. Dashwood shouts at Elethmir “Hey wise guy, let us up!” but there is no indication whether he heard.

We are attracting attention from some demons in the distance. Skull suggests a portal spell. Elrif doesn’t have the components. We start walking. Some of the demons we killed start to twitch. We keep walking and some skeletons start tearing themselves out of the dead demons. They start to make a swarm, and a thin gaunt demon seems to be conducting them. The swarm is shaped like a giant demon.

Blackfire necromancer (Lvl 18)
Bone Storm (Lvl 20)

Our melee attacks are not very effective against the swarm. Elrif knocks it prone. It slows people. It tries to grab Jovalene but she teleports away. Jovalene hits the necromancer with fire until it bleeds. Elrif crits on the swarm and does 87 damage. The necromancer dies of ongoing. As he dies he laughs and shouts “YES! YES!” and he coalesces with the swarm and the swarm screams in agony and gets angry.

The swarm grabs everyone but gets stunned and lets everyone go. Skull tries to look for an escape route while everyone else distracts the swarm by bleeding on it. Skull is kind of oblivious though, so Dashwood summons a great big owl named Abe and sends it off to check things out. It sees a faint glow in the distance. Jovalene runs to the glow but doesn’t figure out what to do with it.

Elrif crits on the swarm and makes it bleed. Skull tries to discover if the glowy thing is divine but ends up having a nervous breakdown. Jovalene looks at the glowy thing and says “This looks kind of like Elithmir’s…” and disappears through a portal. Skull and Dashwood both say Elithmir’s name and disappear too. Elrif hits the swarm again before disappearing through the portal.

We’re back in the Wisdom Realm.

extended rest

2150 exp



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