Old Bones

2011 09 19

Felthior, and Dashwood disappears

Sep 19 2011

Tay is working for captain George North, who was recently hired by bad bad people to carry our team (ie You Assholes) to the most dangerous place in the universe, the Realm of Madness. Persephone is on the ship as a passenger.

We were three weeks into the journey when Felthior showed up. We’re in the middle of that fight. Felthior is bloodied.

During the fight, Dashwood says “I HAVE AN IDEA!” and pushes the button on his watch three times. It makes a big scary dimensional portal. He and Bulwak get sucked through it and disappear.

Here is a portrait of all the fucks we give.

The fight continues.

Elrif tries to push felthior into the portal but fails. Persephone tries too but also fails.

Persephone figures out that the portal goes to nowhen, so anyone who goes in will be there for a while and might randomly show up in another timestream. The portal starts sucking up pieces of the ship.

Felthior grabs Captain George North. She teleports both of them to the portal but fails to throw him in.

Elrif slides Felthior into the portal. We figure out that Dashwood’s watch is required to turn off the portal. The captain has a watch. Persephone makes the watch magic, which takes an hour. Skull heals the ship, which slows the deterioration. We start to hear a strange magical ticking. We need to put a piece of soul into the watch.

Effects of losing part of your soul: Teleport as movespeed, immortal, one healing surge. If you die it will take 2d10 weeks to return. If the item dies so do you.

Persephone volunteers. Woot. She feels weak, sickly, but she also feels the ticking of the watch in her chest. She also has a much better understanding of the watch.

The portal closes.

The boat is still kind of sailable.

2600 EXP



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