• Bruce


    Once the bassist of the world's greatest band.
  • Bruk Hearteater

    Bruk Hearteater

    A mammoth-riding barbarian from the Fibular Mountains, he has taken on a matronly role to Thundercrunch's members.
  • Bulwark


    A construct with divine intent, lost in a sea of doubt and shadow.
  • Dashwood


    Blackmail, lies, and flouncing...
  • Elrif


    A portly wee fellow, who for a while, pretended to be a wizard.
  • Frizzle


    She looks like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, but she's dead.
  • Jovalene


    Under the thrall of the Goddess of Love, she is unmatched in her combat prowess.
  • Memphis


    The hat-wearing, rifle-shooting seeker of the crew, Memphis was also it's first casualty.
  • Triptych


    The sweet-hearted paladin of Hagaar loves nothing more than a great fight. Except pillaging afterwards.
  • Vadd Maldon, Tyrant of Clavicle Pass

    Vadd Maldon, Tyrant of Clavicle Pass

    Once a god, now merely mortal, he seeks revenge against the powers that humbled him.
  • Angus von Laserstein

    Angus von Laserstein

    The lieutenant to Hetheldar, the Ancient God of Entropy and Spite.
  • Annabelle


    Skull's sister and sometimes cohort of Thundercrunch.
  • Babagya


    The witch-hag that rose Hetheldar from his slumber and doomed the world to extinction.
  • Captain George North

    Captain George North

    A salty pirate on the Astral Seas, and the one man willing to carry five brave souls to the realm of Madness.
  • Chicken Hut

    Chicken Hut

    Thundercrunch's primary mode of transportation. Also, awesome.
  • Doc


  • Elethmir


    God of Wisdom, Patience, Knowledge and Insects
  • Emily


    Skyship captain, extreme librarian and adventuress extraordinaire.
  • Exalted Iron skull

    Exalted Iron skull

    She has ebony skin and wears few clothes.
  • Felthir


    A time-witch and mercenary that has become something of a thorn in the side of the crew.
  • Hagaar


    The God of Combat, Wine, Orgies and Poetry.
  • Hetheldar


    God of Entropy, Pain, Chaos, Destruction and Love.
  • Huggles


    Skull's younger brother, the half-dragon/half-drow prince of the Spine.
  • Jaque


    The leader of a Roaming Village of dwarves.
  • Kalifer


    The God of Justice, Peace, Law and Song
  • Marcel


    The leader of a Roving Village of dwarves.
  • Semireth


    Goddess of Love, Lust, Hatred and Theft
  • SS Orphanage

    SS Orphanage

    The ship owned and operated first by a crew of mercenaries, then by the Thundercrunch crew.
  • The Collosi

    The Collosi

    The protectors and seals of Hetheldar's prison. Some (the Spider Goddess and some few others) have escaped total annihilation.
  • The Extreme Librarians

    The Extreme Librarians

    The protectors, curators and missionaries of the Extreme Library.
  • The Kids

    The Kids

    A group of young apprentice librarians under Frizzle's guidance. Lost in the Extreme Library and later recovered (mostly).
  • The Library of Geth

    The Library of Geth

    The originators of the quest to stop Babagya, and the initiators of the end of the world.
  • The Queen of the Spine

    The Queen of the Spine

    Skull's Mother and the Queen of the World's drow.
  • The Raven Queen

    The Raven Queen

    The title of the current goddess of Death.
  • Toddleton Forsyth III, Mayor of Sternum

    Toddleton Forsyth III, Mayor of Sternum

    The ever-antagonistic mayor of the city of Sternum. Much more concerned with his own well being than that of, say, the universe.
  • Zarphox the Dragon Lich

    Zarphox the Dragon Lich

    Lieutenant to Hetheldar and leader of his Host.