“In the Before Time, the gods waged war in the Endless Seas. Hetheldar the Cunning, ever full of trickery and lies, slew Elethmir the Wise and stole from him the Throne of Heaven. With the crown upon his head, Hetheldar ruled with evil in his heart until one day Semireth the Beautiful happened upon Elethmir’s head, bobbing in the Endless Sea. Semireth felt sorrow for the loss of Elefmir and gave back to him his breath of life, and Elethmir took up arms against the usurper. Hetheldar had grown powerful while Elethmir drowsed, however, and a Great Alliance of the gods was needed to finally cast the Cunning down. Hagaar the Righteous beat upon him with his great hammer, Kalifer the Just stabbed at him with her sword, Lefnir the Mad haunted him with visions of his own demise and Semireth whispered fake assurances in his ear. Finally, Elethmir piereced Hetheldar’s skull with a golden arrow, killing him.

“They cast his body out from Heaven, and the birds of the Endless Sea picked clean his bones. His skeleton became as dirt and the air that escaped his lungs the sky. His brains became clouds and the moss that grew upon him the trees and the fields. His blood ran as water and his soul breathed life into the first things that grew and thrived here.

“Our people are not from here. They are from the Other Places, the Places in the Endless Sea. The elves came first, and then the dwarves. They are nomadic peoples and have never settled, nor ever shall they. The gnolls came next and the kobolds, and they took up residence in the hot, dry places. The humans came later and laid claim to those places that needed to be tamed (humanity is an adaptable race, if it is not they that need adapting). Many creatures have found a home here, in this world that was once the body of a living god. Many know the truth, but discount it as old tales for old people.

“This is the truth, as plain as I can state it: we live upon the bones of a dead god, and someday, someone may find a way to wake Hetheldar from the grave.”

Eldeth, Wisdom of Gethan


Old Bones KristofferHansen